Dental Waste Disposal

Controlled Services (uk) limited  is one of the forefront suppliers of clinical and hazardous waste management services to the dental industry.  We offer a one-stop-shop for all your waste disposal as well as washroom hygiene needs. Controlled Services ensure full compliance with current and future legislative requirements.

All our supplied containers are UN approved and if neccessary contain a unique, specially developed mercury vapour suppressant to prevent mercury contamination of you, your staff and  the environment. At each service all dental waste containers are exchanged for new. Service frequencies are designed around your needs. Please contact us directly for the latest competitive prices.

Sludge Drum


Our sludge drum container is for the storage of aspirated waste from traps, filters and collection cups. UN3291 approved. size 7 litre.



Our toothboxes are tough, handy containers for the safe storage of amalgam fitted extractions. UN3291 approved.Sizes 500ml, 1300ml, 7 litre.

Bridges & Crowns


Tough container for the safe collection and storage of bridges and crowns. UN3291 approved.Sizes 500ml, 1300ml, 7 litre.

Amalgam Capsules Container


This rigid opaque container is for the reliable & safe disposal of carrier tips and dappew dishes. UN3291 approved.Sizes 500ml, 1300ml, 7 litre.

Waste Amalgam Container


Our waste amalgum container is a rigid opaque tub for the safe storage of waste amalgam and used matrix boards. UN3291 approved.Sizes 500ml, 1300ml, 7 litre.

Dental Study Mould Waste Container


Our dental study mould waste container is for the safe disposal of non-infectious dental study moulds containing gypsum. Tough, opaque and UN3291 approved. Size 10 litre.

Waste Fixer & Developer Container


Our set of 2, 10 ltr containers are for the safe storage of waste fixer and developer. Robust and UN3291 approved. Size 10 litre.

Orange Waste Sacks


Our orange waste sacks are for infectious and potentially infectious waste. UN3291 approved roll of 20 sacks. 5kg

Tiger Sacks

Tiger sack from Kitty aug 2014

Our sacks for non-infectious offensive hygiene waste come in a roll of 25 sacks. Supplied with matching tie wraps. 5kg

Clinical Waste Bin

240ltr clinical waste bin

Small and medium lockable, heavy duty, clinical waste bins. Leak proof and UN approved. Supplied with key. 240ltr holds approximately 6 clinical waste sacks, 360ltr holds approximatley 10 clinical waste sacks.

Clinical Waste Bin

770ltr clinical waste bin

Large  heavy duty, clinical waste bin. Leak proof and UN approved. Supplied with key. 770ltr holds approximately 20 clinical waste sacks.

Sharp Boxes


A range of tough boxes  in a variety of sizes with colour coded lids for various wastes. UN3291 approved containers. Whole unit incinerated.

1Litre Controlled Drug Denaturing Kit


Our 1 litre container is for the storage and safe destruction of controlled drugs. Contains bitter additive. also called DOOP kits, DOOP jars, POM kits and drug destruction kits.

2 litre Controlled Drug Denaturing Kit


Our handy 2 litre container is for the safe denaturing of controlled drugs. Contains bitter additive. Also known as DOOM kits, DOOP jars, POM kits and drug destruction kits.

Drug Buckets

serv25 jpg

Our drug buckets are air and water tight containers for old or unwanted pharmaceuticals. UN 3291 approved. They are available in 5ltr, 30ltr and 60ltr sizes.

Internal Waste Bin


White, rigid internal clinical waste bin. Foot pedal operated with a handy .60 ltr capacity.

Premium White Sanitary Bin


Smart slimline sanitary waste bin. Space saving design. Available in 23ltr and 15ltr sizes, both sizes are available in electronic no-touch and foot operated versions.

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